I agree to pay the sum of___________the total price for an Australian Shepherd pup. With a deposit
of ___________(at least $100.00 nonrefundable) and the remaining balance to be made at time of
delivery of pup.

Registered Name Of Dog:__Crystalgene's_____________________________________________
Call Name:______________Sex:        Color:       Date Of Birth:__   ____
Eye Color   Left:________Right:___________Date Last Cleared:        
ASCA Litter #:________________________AKC Litter #:_________________________________ 
ASCA #:_____________________________AKC #:_____________________________________
ASCA #:________AKC#:___Date Eyes Last Cleared:________ 
OFA #:____________Color:__________________________________ 
ASCA #:________ AKC#:___Date Eyes Last Cleared:_______
OFA #:____________Color:___________________________________

All buyers are required to complete a questionnaire before purchasing an Aussie from Crystalgene's 
Australian Shepherds. This is done so that the right match can be made and our Aussies can live a long, 
healthy and happy life.

All Crystalgene's Breeding stock has been OFA and Eyes cleared prior to breeding and are determined 
to be physically and mentally sound, adhering to the ASCA breed standard. All pups are ASCA/AKC 
reg. and will be sold on contract.
We require that both ASCA and AKC registration papers be filled out and sent in for individual 
registrations, and that the numbers are sent to us for our records. We also ask that all OFA and Cerf 
evaluation results be reported to us. 

Buyer agrees that if said dog is “show quality” that buyer will show such dog to the best of their ability 
and/or have a handler show such dog.  Buyer agrees that no dog shall be bred or used for breeding
prior to 2 years of age, and that Eyes must be CERF’d normal and hips must be x-rayed and sent for
evaluation to OFA, with an acceptable rating returned, prior to any breeding, or the guarantees under 
this contract will be deemed null and void. Buying a "show quality dog" does not guarantee that said 
dog will become a champion, only that this  Breeder feels that he/she possesses the quality to become
a Champion as stated in the ASCA  breed standard. Only puppies determined to contribute to the
betterment of the breed are sold as show quality.

Breeding this dog indicates that buyer has determined the dog to be free of all genetic defects and makes 
all guarantees under this contract null and void.

All Crystalgene's pups are guaranteed to have a sound temperament. This dog will not become aggressive
or overly shy towards people or other dogs under normal circumstances. This dog must attend a basic 
obedience class/puppy kindergarten using the positive reinforcement method of training. A copy of their
passing/graduating papers must be sent for our records.   If the puppy is not properly socialized seller does
not guarantee the dogs temperament.

All normal health guarantees apply  and will be honored with  a replacement  puppy of equal or greater 
value from an upcoming litter,  if any of the following hereditary defects develop,  (see 1-3 below)  so
long as proof, in the form of a letter or receipt from your veterinarian is provided. This dog, to the best 
of this breeders knowledge, is in sound health and free of communicable diseases on this date of sale. 
Breeder suggests  that buyer  have puppy  checked by  their vet within  48 hours  of sale, and that any
illness be reported to Breeder immediately.

l ) Dog is guaranteed  free from  genetic eye defects  as evidenced by an  evaluation  performed by a
certified canine diplomat of ophthalmology. All pups will have had their eyes checked at 7-9 weeks
and must be checked annually. Eye defects caused by injury or accident are not covered under this 

2.) Dog is guaranteed free from hip Dysplasia as evidenced by an x-ray taken at the age of 24 months 
and before the age of 30 months and have been sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
for evaluation. Excellent, Good and Fair hips are considered acceptable, and only a dysplastic diagnosis
will prompt a replacement. Hip deformations  or abnormalities caused by injury, neglect or other 
environmental factors will not be covered under this contract.

3.)Dog is guaranteed up to I year of age to have a full set of teeth and not to have an under or over shot
bite exceeding an 1/8th of an  inch as stated  in the ASCA breed standard. This fault  must be verified 
either by a letter from your veterinarian or by the Breeder. Any missing teeth or abnormalities caused 
by injury, neglect or other environmental factors will not be covered under this contract.

If the dog/pup is found to have any of these genetic/hereditary defects, the buyer has these options:
1)Keep the dog and spay/neuter;  provide Breeder with proper identification and documentation from a
qualified Veterinarian.  Once this  requirement is met, a  replacement  will be awarded  from the next 
available litter.  Breeder must be notified prior to any spay/neuter of show quality pup.
2)Humanely euthanize the above named dog, and provide Breeder with  proper identification and 
documentation from a qualified Veterinarian. Once this  requirement is met, a  replacement  will be
awarded  from the next  available litter. Breeder must be notified prior to any euthanization. 
3)Return said dog to buyer.  In  this case the  buyer will be  entitled to a replacement puppy at no charge
other than shipping. 
If these guidelines are not followed, it will be assumed that buyer is happy with said dog,  no replacement
puppy will be given.
If the above said dog is returned for any reason other than the above, agreed to by Breeder, no monies 
will be  refunded, and the buyer must return the dog unaltered, with ASCA and AKC papers signed over
to the Breeder.  Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer.

If for any reason Buyer decided that he or she can no longer keep the Aussie then the Breeder (Crystalgenes)
shall have first buy back option. If Crystalgenes decides they do not want to buy the dog back the Breeder
must still be notified as to where the dog goes. (this is for record keeping as well as assuring that all pups are
in happy healthy homes.)

Breeder reserves the right to reclaim the dog/puppy named in this contract at any time for any of the 
following reasons: Poor care of the dog/puppy, poor physical health and/or Improper fencing/chaining
dog to any object and/or physical brutality to the dog, and/or It is realized that the offspring of this dog 
are being sold in a retail store, puppy mill, auction and/or it is realized that the dog is being used/allowed
in any way to fight with another dog, which is considered brutality. If it should become necessary to 
reclaim the dog/puppy for any reasons, there will be no compensation to the buyer. All registration 
papers shall be signed over to the breeder and the buyer will release all rights of ownership.

If either party is forced to take legal action to enforce any part of this contract, action shall be in the 
county of the Breeder's residence.  Any legal fees and court cost shall be the responsibility of the 
party found to be at fault.