ÖJCH Crystalgene's Got Milk

Milli shown above with her puppy wins here in the states (thanks Holly and Cheryl) and training for agility in Austria!!
And shown below with her owner's Monica and Ruediger showing in Austria! She has matured into a lovely young bitch!

Above Milli shown with her family in Austria, she seems to fit in well!

July 14th 2002, Milli finallisied her Austrian Youth Champion!!!

Now her name is ÖJCH Crystalgene's Got Milk!
Nov-26th-01 Milli passes her Certified Therapy Dog Exam!
Sept. 31st, 01 Milli took Youth Best and on to  BOB, at her first  FCI show over the Best Bitch, Best Dog and Specials and then went on to make the top 10 in group! All this at just 10 months of age!!!!!! Way to go girls.
In Aug., 01 Milli passes her Therapy Junior Dog Exam! She is well on her way to being a therapy dog!
On July, 8th,01  Milli gets her Second youngsters, Very Promising at IHA show  in Oberwart!
On June, 17th, 01 Milli gets her first  Youngsters, Very Promising at the IHA show in Lkagenfurth!
On May, 24th, 01 Milli is 2nd of 15 in her puppy Obedience class final exam with just a
half point difference between 1st and 2nd place!!
 March 4th, 2001, at the Cascade ASC show, Milli was BOSp from the 2-4 mo class, under AKC
Judge Sandy Ing!! She was handled by my daughter Cheryl Holman.
On Feb., 25th, 2001 at the ASC of Rouge Valley show   "Milli" won her class and went on to BOSp from the 2-4 month class under AKC Judge Sharon Weston. A big thanks goes to Holly Smith for handling her for us!
We at Crystalgene's would like to thank the judges who have recognized what an
outstanding young bitch Milli is.
Milli is owned by Monika Seiter of ABSOULTLY MAGIC Aussies in Solleman, Austria.