ASCA/AKC CH Crystalgene's Made for Koala-T HIC, CGC (1 leg ASCA CD) AKC/ASCA  CH Koala-T's Taylor Made DNA-CP X Merribrook's Sweet-N-Sassy CGC, DNA-CP

AKC Show Brags 2005

WB for a mjr. in Ca. 8-05 more info to come!
WB at the Squim AKC shows 7-30-05
 WB at the Squim AKC shows 7-31-05
 WB  Brush Prarie AKC shows 7-18-05  Judge Del Richards
WB  Brush Prarie AKC shows 7-17-05 Judge Marion Ward-Fanning
  WB  Brush Prarie AKC shows 7-16-05 Judge Jacqueline Stacy
WB Mount Bachelor KC shows 7-3-05  Judge Walter J Sommerfelt
RWB Mount Bachelor KC shows 7-2-05 Judge Monica Canestrini
WB Chintimini Kennel Club shows on 3-13-05 Judge Robert Shreve

ASCA Show Brags 2005
BOB Cascade ASC shows on 9- 25-05/ Breeder Judge Wanda Robertson
BOB Cascade ASC shows on 3-6-05/ Breeder Judge Christine Hill

Congratulations to Jammie and Jade who finished her ASCA CH. on 8-30-03 by going WB/BOW under Breeder Judge Wendy Summers at the ASC of OR coast shows!!  Then took BOB the same week end under AKC Judge Christine Feldman-Bartnick (pictured above) Way to Go Gals!!
Scroll down the page to see more of Jade's brags! Watch for these 2 in the AKC ring!!!

Jade does it again going WB/BOB/BOW over specials, under Judge Betty Jo Patice on June 1st, 03 
at the Vancouver AKC shows!
Jade takes WB/BOS/BOW This time under Sr. Breeder Judge Laura Shivers  for a 3 pt Mjr. 
on May 10th, 03 at the Cscade ASC  shows
Jade and Jamie take WB/BOS at the AKC show in Elma Wa, on May 4th, 03 Under Judge  Margaret 
Braun for her first AKC point! Way to go girls!
Jade and Jamie do it again!!! This time taking WB/BOB/BOW   winning over 26  Bitches, 14 dogs, 5 Dog     Specials &  3 Bitch Specials on April 13th, 03 for another 5 pt. mjr.!!   Special thanks to Breeder Judge Lori Acierto and Cascade ASC! (pictured right) 
Jade and Jamie take a RWB to a 5 pt. Mjr. at the ASC of RV shows under Judge Jeanne Zuver!
Jamie showed Jade at only  2 pre shows, at the 2002 ASCA Nationals in Bakersfield,  CA,  having placed 2nd 
at the ASC of San Diego preshow and they made the cut at the Southern Nevada ASC!!  We are very proud of 
Jamie Hansen who owns and handles Jade, congratulations Your doing a great job!!! 
Jamie took Jade through the CGC course on Sept. 2nd, 02 & passed with ease, at INWASA Labor day shows!
Jade went WB for a 5pt. mjr. from the 12-18 mo class with 30+ bitches at the 2002 4th of July Summer Spectacular, under judge Don Dvorak!  Congratulations to Jamie and Donna and to Cheryl who did a great
job showing her!!  (Pictured left)
News Update! Jade recieved her HIC on Sun June, 5th, 02. Her, Tucker (who also recieved her HIC) and Jamie
had a blast! We should see some great brags from these gals soon!!! 
Jade is BOSp on Sat Aug. 11, 01 at the ASC of RV shows under Sr. Breeder Judge Terri Morgan!
Jade was shown by Debbie Gilbo of Koala-T and is owned by Jamie Hansen!