Crystalgene's Outlaws And Renegades
"Teegan" is a Red Tri Male with all the trim and personality to go with it.
His eyes were cleared yearly,  full dentition with scissors bite.
He is structurally correct with great angulation and straight topline. He is correct coming and going with
beautiful flowing side gait.  Best of all he has a wonderful willing to please, Look at Me attitude.
Teegan is co-owned, trained and lives with Bridgett Sittel.

Shown below taking BOBp and BOSp at the ASC of WA Christmas Shows Dec. 06!

Photo Credit Nancy Gaffney 
BOBp, Breeder Judge Christine Hill
BOSp, Breeder Judge Lisa Bell

Bo took a BOSp at the Tri State ASC Labor Day shows.


Pictures @ 8 weeks taken 8-11-06